When you don’t know what’s in your contracts, you can’t understand or effectively manage your rights, obligations, risks, and opportunities

Contract management requires a fundamental shift from text to data - something CLMs alone cannot do. Otherwise, each time a business question arises, a legal expert must find, assemble and read numerous documents to find the answer. 

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End contract chaos in three steps. 


Establish Contract Order

If you have a contract question, you first need to know if you are looking at the right information source. Before you can answer any substantive questions about an agreement or portfolio of agreements, you must know four things.


Connect the Dots

Text-based systems, like CLMs, only give your a limited view of your contracts, making it difficult to achieve contract order. To understand the differences, there are three types of contract views to consider.


Predetermine Active Status

Contract text is unable to quickly identify whether an agreement is active or not, which means you may be reviewing contracts that are irrelevant to the question at hand or, worse, disregarding contracts that are effective.

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“In the past, a team member could only guess how often we adopted a certain contract position or the number of times a certain risk was realized. Going forward with help from Knowable, we expect to both operate at a high level of insight on an everyday basis and address risks before they even arise through proactive risk management.”

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